Whereas on December 11th 1931 the Statute of Westminster, signed by King George V, came into force. By this statute the King abdicated his sovereign power, transferring it to the people, giving them and their colonies their independence from the British Monarchy and Canada was freed from the last vestige of Imperial Authority, the “Queen of England” has no lawful authority over or within “Canada” and no lawful authority over any of the natural person inhabitants of any of the provinces, and; 

Whereas both the British Columbia and federal interpretation Acts define the term ”province” (geographical area) as being one of the three territories, Whereas “in law” none of the “provinces” are “a part of Canada”, which in fact, is expressly confirmed by the definition of “province” as provided in the British Columbia Interpretation Act, which is then supported by all “Interpretation” sections of all other statues operating. The non-existence of a “statutory” definition that would include a “province” as being “a part of Canada” is proof that “in law” neither any one of the “provinces”, nor any of the natural person inhabitants of any of those “provinces” could possibly come under the jurisdiction of any one of the consolidated Statutes of “Canada”, and therefore “in law”, “Canada” does not have any “provinces”, only corporately created “Provinces”, and; 

Whereas by The Canada Lands Survey Act, the definition of “Canada Lands” restricts Canada in geographical terms to being the three Territories, National Parks, Indian Reserves and Canadian Embassies, further the definition provided in the Federal interpretation Act restricts “Canada” to being the “internal waters of Canada and the territorial sea of Canada”, and as the power to enact legislation, to pass laws is found with “ownership” or title to the land and as Canada owns no land, the legislators unlawfully assume jurisdiction by “assumsit” contract and by the claim of the Doctrine of Discovery, and; 

Whereas Canada is a Company registered on The Securities and Exchange Commission in Right of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and is masquerading as a constitutional Country to the people of Canada and the world and is guilty of fraud and theft as all taxes are paid to the Queen, and; 

Whereas since December 11th 1931, with the coming into force of the Statute of Westminster, the provinces have been and remain in anarchy, and the governments currently operating in Ottawa and all the provinces are “de facto”, and;

Whereas all private persons working within the governments and their agents, owe allegiance to the Queen of England, a foreign sovereign and that those “governments and their agents” are thereby shown to be “foreign agents”, proving all provinces are under occupation by a foreign power, and; 

Whereas since the Statute of Westminster our governments have been incorporated and have been usurped into foreign and international jurisdiction of the sea and placed under the Law of the Sea, not the Law of the Land, and; 

Therefore no Statute law, Federal or provincial has any jurisdiction over the natural person inhabitants of any one of the geographical areas known “outside of law” as “provinces”, including the Criminal Code of “Canada” and; 

Whereas the geographical provinces were never given the opportunity for a constitutional convention to claim their sovereign power given to them by King George V on Dec 11/1931,

and as the provinces have been unlawfully claimed by foreign corporations masquerading as constitutional governments, and; 

Therefore “We The Sovereigns of the land mass we have come to know as British Columbia” have come together to form the Sovereign Republic of British Columbia and to Ratify a constitution of the people by the people thereby claiming our Unalienable Rights as Sovereigns.