Declaration of a Common Law Grand Jury


Under Common Law, when your government turns terroristic on the very Sovereigns they are to protect, it is the Sovereigns Right, it is the Sovereigns duty to form Common Law Grand Juries to bring to justice those responsible for imposing the Unlawful Medical Marshal Law currently being imposed on the Sovereigns of the land mass we have come to know as British Columbia, Canada and;

WHEREAS; the De facto corporation Canada has agreed to and signed into the United Nations Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 a plan to depopulate 95 percent of the worlds population; the greatest threat to freedom of we the sovereigns and;

WHEREAS; the World Health Organization has declared a Global Pandemic for the Covid-19 aka the Corona Virus which they now have been forced to admit that the Corona Virus has not been isolated in a laboratory.  Which means that all testing is fraudulent using false statistics and information to declare a global pandemic and create Medical Marshal Law in every country of the world causing economic devastation and;

THEREFORE; we the Sovereigns have duly formed the first Common Law Grand Jury in Vernon, British Columbia and have issued Notices to officials responsible to Cease and Desist their unlawful actions and;

 Failure to Cease and Desist will result in Subpoenas being issued for officials to appear before this duly formed Grand Jury.